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Cincinnati Aviation Heritage Society & Museum

Preserving aviation's past for future generations.

Things We Want or Need

 Photos or information having anything to do with the early days at Lunken Airport or for that matter....any airport in the region; please contact us.

Metal Aircraft Company

Engineering plans and drawings of the Metal Aircraft Flamingo are needed.

We're looking for old engines to display. Particularly LeBlond Engines or other engines with a history related to Cincinnati in any way. If you can help, please contact Charlie at

(513) 321-0492 (leave a message) or stop by the museum during hours of operation.

Stinson SR-10C and the Air-Mail Pick-up.

We need photos of the Air Mail Pick-Up operation throughout Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky between 1938 and 1949. If you're in possession of old family photographs, please be alert when you see photos of airplanes or airports.

We'd like to trade a P&W Wasp Jr. for a Lycoming R-680-D5 which came on the original SR-10C. We also have a smooth cowl to trade for a bump cowl. If your Stinson Reliant needs wheel pants, we have two sets but won't be using them on our Pick-up plane. We have a spare set of Landing gear struts as well.