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Published at on May 12th, 2014

Published in Kentucky Enquirer and Campbell County Recorder

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See Don Frey's You tube presentation about Lunken here: You Tube

Click Jon Proctor on our Stories page to read a tribute to his father who was a pioneer pilot and retired from American Airlines. Jon and I have been friends for many years and now he's sharing things like many of us our age do these days

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Open on Monday & Friday on the second floor Room 26 of Lunken's historic terminal from 10A-2P and Saturdays Noon-3P. Stop in sometime to cool off or warm up depending on the season while you visit or enjoy our library.

Check the Cincinnati Enquirer Stories about us by clicking these two links: Tuesday December 17th, 2013, Wednesday December 18th . IF you can get a copy of the February 2014 Airways Magazine, you'll find another story.

Click the stories Link where we added Willis Stucky's biography by his son Willis, Jr.

Stinson Reliant

The museum's Stinson SR-10C Reliant NC18496 is a constant for us. This airplane was used in the air mail pick-up operations of American Airlines' predecessor, All American Airways.

We're currently raising funds to house the airplane and begin purchasing items such as fabric and dope to restore it to All American Colors. The museum acquired an accurate 1/6th Scale model of this same Stinson in the past year which is displayed in flight at the museum.

Photo of NC18496

Friends & Members gone west

Robert 'Ozzie' Osborne 4/19/1930 - 5/27/2008

Joe Babis 1930 - 10/28/2008

Stu Faber 9/16/1920 - 1/7/2009

Tom Emmert 1942 - 1/4/2017

Don Fairbanks 12/17/23 - 9/26/2017

Dick Fagan 10/3/1927 - 10/10/2017


Looking Ahead

CAHS Membership

CAHS is looking for members who have an interest in Tri-State Aviation and want to help build our organization. Click our membership link for a membership form. Join other like minded individuals as we continue to build. Please refer your aviation friends as well. We want to grow our organization in 2018/2019.

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Talented Members

We need members who have specific talents such as office skills including cataloging items in the museum. We also need someone with librarian skills to manage our growing book, magazine and paper collection. Contact us if this might suit you.