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Flamingo Production

T E Halpin (who once worked for Stout Aircraft) was the designer. (Thomas E) Halpin Development Co., Lunken Airport, Cincinnati Ohio was reorganized as Metal Aircraft Corp. at Lunken Airport, Cincinnati OH May 1, 1928 after acquisition of the Halpin Co. The company was sold (with Mason & Dixon Air Line) to Robert Schryver, Columbus O. in September 1929.

Proving the Flamingo's Wing Strength

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The Flamingo built in 1928 had a 410hp Pratt & Whitney Wasp engine. The Wingspan was: 48'0"  It's Length was: 30'0"  and it carried a load of 2050 pounds. Speed Maximum was 138 and it cruised at 115. Stall speed was 45. It had a range of 1000 miles and sold for $19,325.

All-Metal Tranship of 1929 was a 6-7 passenger closed cockpit high wing monoplane and had a 525hp P&W Wasp engine. Wingspan was: 50'0" and it was 32'6" of fuselage length. Load capacity was 2640 pounds. Max Speed was 135 and it cruised at 115. It stalled at 48. Range was 900 miles. $21,000. The 525hp Wright Cyclone engine was offered as an option.

Flamingo G-1 1928 (ATC 2-19) was a Continuation of the Halpin Flamingo. It carried 5 passengers and was a closed cockpit high wing monoplane with the 450hp P&W Wasp C. Only one was built C7690.

G-MT-6 built in 1928 was a 5 passenger version with the 410hp P & W Wasp or 525hp Hornet. Wingspan was 50'0" fuselage length was 32'8". Ralph R Graichen. 2 were built and they were prototypes for the G-2-H and G-2-W.

G-2 1929 (ATC 2-63) Carried 6 passengers and only one G-1 was built -NC588.

G-2-H 1929 (ATC 192, 2-67, 2-75) carried 6-8 passengers behind a 525hp Hornet A engine. Wingspan was 50' 0" Fuselage length was 32'6" an carried a load of 2313 pounds Max speed on this version was 140 while it cruised at 115 and stalled at 62. Range was 810 miles. $23,800. (2-67) was 6p modification for NC9304, (2-75) was the 8 passenger version.

G-2-W 1929 (ATC 192, 2-62) was the 8 passenger 410hp P & W Wasp version capable of a 2430 pound load. Maximum speed was 135 wile cruising at 115 and stalling at 60. Range on this version was 850 miles. It had a price tag of $21,000. 21 G-2's were built. ATC 2-62 applied to conversions of G-2 models to 450hp P & W Wasp SC.

Here's a partial production list of known Flamingoes. Enjoy.

XH-TAU Metal Flamingo G-2W 4 NC656E XH-TAU TACA Honduras

NC656E Metal Flamingo G-2W 4 Photo Found

NC94873 Metal Flamingo  G-2-W 11 Jimmy Angel

NC9487 Metal Flamingo G-2-W 11 NC9487

NC9488 Metal Flamingo G-2-W 12 NC9488 Mason & Dixon AL/Cincinnati ,United States AW/Kansas City

NC9489 Metal Flamingo G-2-W 13 NC9489 Mason & Dixon AL/Cincinnati ,United States AW/Kansas City

NC9490 Metal Flamingo G-2-W 14 NC9490 TI-20 United States AW/Kansas City Sold Costa Rica 2.37

NC9491 Metal Flamingo G-2-W 15 NC9491 Suspect

XH-TAQ Metal Flamingo G-2W 19 NC268K XH-TAQ TACA Honduras